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Paul Lee

Founder & CEO, Ecuiti. 

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Paul Lee is the founder of Ecuiti—the builder of revolutionary software providing “virtual Data Science teams” that make powerful data driven insight an integral part of business decision making.  As one of the world’s foremost experts in the micro- and macro-economics of the digital economy, Paul and Ecuiti are transforming how the world gains real value out of big data—quickly, and practically through Ecuiti’s intelligent virtual assistants.


Today, Ecuiti products and services are deployed as catalysts to help companies improve and accelerate real-world market outcomes. Ecuiti’s ability to develop insight and accelerate innovation are broadly applicable.  However, the most robust impacts are in providing data driven decision support driving Marketing and Sales teams to achieve superior customer engagement, acquisition and revenue results.  Leading global brands achieve superior marketing outcomes by engaging with Ecuiti’s innovative cloud-based platform that provides, yet hides the complexity of robust, big-data driven quantitative analysis.  By making innovative insight available from the boardroom to the war-room, to managers’ desktops, Ecuiti brings 22nd century analytics to decision makers today.


Prior to founding Ecuiti, Paul served leadership roles in high technology research, product development, strategy and analysis. With over 20 years of experience driving high tech innovation, Paul has advised multiple Fortune 500 companies on many parts of the online value chain, including mergers and acquisitions, product & service transformation, marketing effectiveness and monetization.   In his last role, Paul spent nearly a decade in a unique, and unparalleled experience harnessing some of the world’s largest, most complex datasets as he analyzed online market dynamics for high stakes litigation.  The lessons learned and skills developed predicting and then proving winning, litigation quality proof-points led Paul to found Ecuiti to systematize and simplify how world can harness the power of quantitative analysis.

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