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Empowering people with privacy and personalization 
Our Mission is to eliminate the conflict between privacy and personalization.


We do this by providing neutral, trusted governance for the privacy network ecosystem, and pioneering new ways to address the most challenging identity, consent, and confidentiality needs. We collaborate with stakeholders and trust authorities to set the rules and governance, enabling privacy networks and Unified Trust Models.

How do we do it?


We are promoting a network-based technology that provides complete privacy compliance & identity protection for consumers online.
We call this concept “Quantum PrivacyTM” powered by WebShield and partners.


Quantum privacy networks obfuscate information at a level beyond standard encryption while verifying identity using attributes from multiple networks and linking personal data from different sources at a granular level.
Our vendor-neutral networks support any participant's trust criteria, allowing access to only the data consumers agree to share, while ensuring that data is shared at the smallest possible unit across many networks based on relevant laws, policies, and consent. The networks automatically enforce policy compliance at the attribute level.
This enables consumers to take control over their own data in Personal Privacy Networks, while allowing network participants the ability to offer them personalized services.
The EP3 Foundation is a 501c3  nonprofit that convenes stakeholders; establishes a decentralized person-centered governance model and incubates Privacy Network-enabled ecosystems. The ecosystems will span health care, education, government, e-commerce, entertainment, and beyond. The EP3 Foundation will drive widespread adoption of Personal Privacy Networks via a series of promotional events and collaborations, building a community focused on enhancing consumer privacy while enabling precision personalization.

Our ask to you: 


  1. Join the EP3 Foundation. There is no cost and it helps you build the community, propose and participate in launch initiatives, and gain first mover advantage in the Privacy Network ecosystem. 

  2. We will help you set up your own networks, and gain a substantial first mover advantage as the Privacy Network Exchange anonymously tracks contributions and rewards early participants that help grow a self-funding network of networks. 

  3. Spread the world about Quantum PrivacyTM Networks and the EP3 Foundation

To learn more about the EP3 Foundation click here. 

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