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EasyAccess Advocacy Network


The EasyAccess Advocacy Network connects a community of donors, corporate sponsors, industry collaboratives, professional associations, academic institutions, government agencies, non-profits, philanthropic organizations, beneficiaries, and their respective staff, contractors, community-based volunteers and vendors, enabling them to: 

  • Drive engagement and public awareness, and recruit members, supporters or beneficiaries

  • Organize and manage join programs, grassroots initiatives, and fundraising campaigns

  • Develop trusted governance, policies, and quality ratings

  • Personalize and coordinate population-scale service or benefits delivery

  • Measure and report engagement, performance, and impact metrics

  • Earn and share revenue, grants, donations, and other financial or in-kind support

How does this work? 

Non-profits or other advocacy organizations are currently limited to their own communities, mailing lists, and outreach to promote their causes. By joining the EasyAccess Advocacy Network, they are able to use its tools to build Personal Privacy Networks for their members which leverage Quantum Privacy and Proof of Trust technologies. The result is that individuals and organizations gain complete control over their identity and data and are able to easily take part in initiatives across the networks. For example, an individual who is automatically logged into their Personal Privacy Network will be able to contribute to multiple charities at once using EasyAccess Links. Organizations can outreach using the EasyAccess Messaging Network which will gain them access to anyone on the network. 

Organizations in the EasyAccess Advocacy Network can use it to enable the sharing of in-kind resources, funding, revenue, derivative resources (aggregated data, analytic outputs, user responses, etc.). In addition, any resources which they deliver that result in a transaction will be automatically documented via Exchange Tokens, which are transferrable for cash.  


In other words, participants can use the EasyAccess Advocacy to manage programs, increase their awareness, and earn money. 


Additionally, the EasyAccess Advocacy Network automatically manages end-to-end enforcement of  privacy, cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, data governance, and commercial terms. 

These are all provided for free to EasyAccess Advocacy Network participants.


Technologies provided by the EasyAccess Advocacy Network: 

The EasyAccess Advocacy Network provides a set of technologies that can be used individually or collectively by any organization to enhance it's members experience, radically improve their online privacy, and gain complete control over their identity. At the same time, reducing the burden on the organization and delivering it access to many more members and customers across the network. These technologies include:

EasyAccess Links support the crowdsourcing of user engagement of tax-deductible donations from individuals, corporate sponsors, or philanthropic institutions, enabling general donations to individual non profits and targeted donations to specified cross-organizational projects, causes, or initiatives.  


EasyAccess Messaging Network allows EasyAccess Advocacy Network participants to sponsor or support omnichannel messaging and outreach by contributing and pooling their rights to messaging and digital content, brands, databases, contact information, trusted relationships, and online traffic; providing access to technical infrastructure and online services; design or domain expertise, administrative support, trusted  governance, or content moderation. EasyAccess Messaging will support automated Application-to-Person  (A2P) Messaging, AI Chatbots, generative AI-based personalized message generation, and social sharing.


EasyAccess Payments enable privacy-preserving payments to individual recipients or networks of program beneficiaries, vendors, contractors, staff, or community-based volunteers. It supports payments from individual donors or non-profits, or crowd-sourced payments from communities of donors, philanthropic organizations, government programs, and corporate sponsors.


Personal Privacy Networks enable distributed privacy-preserving audit and management reporting tools, cross-organizational policy enforcement, automated regulatory compliance, and third-party (manager, parent, clinician, caseworker, etc.) payment approvals or notifications.  

EasyAccess Coupons support privacy-preserving auditable payments for products, services, or benefits. They enable redemption via any cellphone, point-of-sale system, or webpage without revealing sensitive information to any participants for example by using an anonymized QR code. They support privacy-preserving identity and eligibility verification, fraud  prevention, policy enforcement, and personalization and 3rd-party authorization by parents or guardians, managers, physicians, teachers, etc. EasyAccess Coupons support shared or crowd-sourced funding by multiple sponsors including manufacturers, retailers, insurers, healthcare providers, employers, credit providers, governments, charities, individuals, or family members.

The EP3 Foundation is actively searching for new partners to use our tools and network. These might be in the realm of health, education, public service or just about anything that requires identity and data. Please contact us to find out more.

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