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The EP3 Foundation’s fellows are individuals and organizations working together to build and promote privacy-preserving networks that also improve data personalization. 


Today, the Foundation counts with more than 90 fellows from a variety of backgrounds, sectors, and places. Fellows are thought leaders and recognized experts. They collaborate with the executive team and board members to develop privacy-preserving networks and initiatives that leverage their unique field, expertise and industry background. There are no fees or stipends.


  • Lead new initiatives and provide insight and guidance

  • Engage pilot stakeholders including the legacy trust authorities

  • Convene the organizations participating with EP3 Foundation FedRAMP and FISMA 

  • Review and have access to initiatives under NDA

  • Connect and participate with policy leaders outreach

  • Speak at events as keynotes and panel participants

  • Publish papers

  • Access our global network of thought leaders

  • Featured on our website with a personal profile

  • Participate in grants and proposals

  • Develop and promote education campaigns and initiatives

  • Access research library

  • Develop academic and health research data exchange

  • Complete EP3 Fellow Application Form if you would like to join the cause.

  • The Executive Committee will review your application and contact you regarding your acceptance or reason for denial. 

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