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Mei Lin Fung

Co-founder, People Centered Internet
External advisor, Stanford Center for Population Health Science
Global Future Council for Digital Economy and Society
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Mei Lin Fung founded the People Centered Internet chaired by Vint Cerf. She is the founding Unit Coordinator for the California Health Medical Reserve Corps. She started as an assembler programmer at Shell Australia and shifted to Operations Research, working on Shell’s 25 year $8 billion financial model for gas exploration on the NW Shelf. After her MBA at MIT, she joined Intel as a Financial Analyst with responsibility for the Quarterly Geographic P&L Report, later working in Distribution Marketing under the two men who most significantly made the first major sales into the Japanese Market for Intel. She was the alpha test user for Intel’s in-house proprietary Distribution Tracking System creating the algorithms for Distributor Inventory, Price Protection, Billings, and Sales. The knowledge learned at Intel meant it was a small step for her to work on the skunkworks sales and marketing tracking and forecasting project at Oracle for Tom Siebel and later designed the sales compensation and collections modules for Marc Benioff. These in-house Oracle systems facilitated the Oracle sales engine which was envied through the software industry. They were the early prototypes of what is now the $30B CRM industry.


Mei Lin had the honor of serving as Chair of the Core Planning Committee for Douglas Engelbart and is thus one of the very few who has worked closely with both the men whose labs hosted the first two nodes of the Internet – Vint Cerf at UCLA and Douglas Engelbart at SRI in Menlo Park. For the US Dept. of Defense’s Federal Health Futures initiative, as socio-technical lead, she advocated Networked Improvement Communities from Douglas Engelbart whose Core Planning Committee she chaired at the Bootstrap Alliance.


She studied Finance at MIT under Franco Modigliani and Robert Merton prior to them separately winning the Nobel prize for Economics. On the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Digital Economy and Society, she is also on the WEF Digital Economics core team. Mei Lin serves as IEEE vice-chair for Internet Inclusion within the IEEE Internet Initiative, 3i. More.

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