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Brad Perkins

Co-Founder, Director, and CEO, Sapiens Data Science, Inc
Formerly Chief Medical Officer, Human Longevity, Inc., La Jolla, CA
Formerly EVP, & Chief of Strategy and Innovation, Vanguard Health Systems, Nashville, TN
Formerly Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, GA
Board Member, RAND Health Advisory Board
Limited Partner, Heritage Healthcare Innovation Fund
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Brad Perkins is a physician, scientist and entrepreneur. He is currently Co-Founder and CEO of Sapiens Data Science, Inc., ( and @sapiensDS) based in San Francisco, CA: “Sapiens turns science into action”. Prior to co-founding Sapiens in 2018, Brad was the founding Chief Medical Officer (2014-17) for Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI) where he designed, built and operated the Health Nucleus, a leading precision medicine research platform with genomics pioneer JC Venter. Brad served as EVP (2009-2013) for Strategy and Innovation and Chief Transformation Officer at Vanguard Health Systems, a multi-state integrated health system in the run-up to its IPO with 46,000 employees and revenue of $6B+ and subsequent sale to another publicly-traded healthcare company. Brad started his career (1989) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) where he led and was involved in many high profile scientific successes and investigations in the US and globally; he led the 2001 US anthrax bioterrorism investigations following 9/11. He served as the Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer (2003-2009) at CDC. Brad has an MD and MBA, and is Board-certified in Internal Medicine. He is an active private investor in human health and commercial spaceflight. He is a member of the RAND Health Board of Advisors, Esther Dyson’s Wellville Advisory Board and Patron Member of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. He lives and works in San Diego and San Francisco.

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