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Scott Gallant 

Privacy Architect and Solutions Provider, CIPP
Keyed Systems, LLC
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Scott Gallant has injected an 18yr pedigree of data/product management, solution architecture, and systems integration into the Privacy landscape. He harmonizes information protection across disparate systems with attention to regulation and consumer expectation. His organization Keyed Systems embodies his methodologies to quickly and cost-effectively operationalize an organization’s Privacy program and task teams against regulatory requirement with little lift. Scott’s work towards a shared privacy standard is evidenced through a collaborative Privacy Model project with sector-specific subsets.


As an IT leader in the global edtech market, Gallant has contributed to industry associations/consortia, numerous for/non-profit vendors, and to all levels of education agency. Beyond privacy utilities and evangelizing for ethical use of data in conference and speech, his body of work includes design of data standards, production of predictive analytics and reporting products, identity/access portal systems, and transactional tools to teach, learn, and assess. He is currently working cross-sector supporting the Legal Privacy team at Nike, Inc in the retail/social space, and remains active governance member of the Student Data Privacy Consortia. 

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