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Sandip Ghosh

Director of Product Development, Resilient Network Systems
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Sandip is currently the Director of Product Development at Resilient Network Systems. In Resilient, Sandip is responsible for managing the team that designs and implements the Resilient Adaptive Access Management product. Prior to joining Resilient, Sandip was at Salesforce and developed several features for the Object Relationship Mapping (ORM) layer, including the addition of HTML data types to the Salesforce object model. He is listed as an inventor on a software patent for an innovative way of storing and accessing images in a multi-tenant database that are referenced in HTML fields.


Earlier in his career, Sandip was at BEA Systems (acquired by Oracle in 2008), where he was an important member of the Web Logic Integration team and built large portions of the Data Transformation and Business Process Management (BPM) software.    

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