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New e-book: Will we keep children safe online?

New data architecture and paradigms required

With the growing number of children raised in an online world, protecting children’s privacy and safety online is an increasing priority.

To ensure the internet serves as a driver for child safety, we must address some of the most pressing challenges for children: securing their data, balancing technology use, protecting privacy, and understanding the implications of how their data is used on participating platforms. This is critical as the internet continues to bring cybercrime, exploitation, and radicalization.

As we connect new generations of children and communities online, our unique opportunity is to be the generation that implements new, additional privacy protecting designs. New privacy protecting designs allow access to privacy-preserving data and enable collaborative innovation in any industry that requires coordination and relies upon privacy-sensitive, proprietary or regulated data.

In this e-book, the Foundation provides a comprehensive breakdown of the threats to children’s privacy and personal safety that are present online; the risks posed by social media and smart devices; risk factors that can make children especially vulnerable; and the duty of organizations, governments, and authorities to act quickly to protect our children from these hazards.

The e-book also covers:

- EP3’s breakthrough innovations to establish privacy-preserving networks;

- The measures that must be taken to address the threats to children’s privacy and safety; - How new privacy- preserving networks keep children safe online; and

- How to participate in our latest pilot initiatives.

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