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Join the Health 2.0: EP3 Foundation Block Chain Challenge

Knock Knock, Who's There? Health 2.0 Blockchain Challenge

Early intervention and treatment for mental health challenges save lives, especially for adolescents age 12 to 25. With care, they meet the demands of youth, complete school, and their future is bright. Without behavioral health services, many young people self-medicate and fail classes. They lose the years that prepare them with job skills and healthy relationships. 

Take the challenge: Identify "who's there" and "what services do they need?" 

Solve this challenge: 

How does a twelve-year-old consent to behavioral health services and manage their own continuity of care? How do they consent to have their doctors from different health networks talk to each other and share electronic health records?  

Behavioral health, substance use, or reproductive health care services need personalized consent, and specific confidentiality requirements are mandated by law.  

Build and support the network that verifies the age and identity of young people, their custodial parent, and adults.        

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