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The New Trusted Exchange Accreditation Program

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

A Call to Action for an Interoperable Health System

TEAP Founding Members

Just a few months ago, the EP3 Foundation welcomed the opportunity to provide comments on the Draft Trusted Exchange Framework released by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). There we highlighted our vision of an interoperable health system that enables patient-centered data exchange and empowers all patients and providers with the ability to gather, access and use health information from different sources, but without affecting patients’ privacy and security.  

Today, we are pleased to ratify our commitment to move towards achieving interoperability success and patient empowerment by founding the new Trusted Network Accreditation Program (TNAP). 

The EP3 Foundation partners with EHNAC, WEDI, Safe Bio-pharma, and eHI to establish a national trust exchange framework that enables an interoperable digital exchange based on privacy/security, identity verification, and authentication. The main goal is to provide third-party accreditation for healthcare stakeholders and achieve a trusted environment where privacy and security requirements are maintained.  

This new accreditation program leverages existing industry-wide identity verification, authentication, and privacy/security frameworks and best practices. It aligns with many national efforts including ONC’s priorities and other federal requirements.  At the same time, it addresses EU GDPR considerations and supports blockchain and other enabling technologies.

The TNAP will be developed by its founding members and a steering committee comprised of a broad-based group of 10-15 public and private healthcare stakeholders across a wide range of sectors and specialties. 

We invite the healthcare industry to work with us to establish the TNAP, and to be an early adopter of the program by demonstrating adherence to a higher standard of quality, privacy, security, and confidentiality as well as interoperability and data management. We are convinced that if we make collective efforts, demands higher standards, and develop trust frameworks that implement forward-thinking innovations it will be possible to transform the interoperability vision into a reality. 

To learn more, visit: EP3 Foundation - TNAP

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