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Orlin Wetzker

Founder, CEO and Innovation Architect, Transcend Innovations

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Orlin is a visionary who sees a future in unlocking human potential.  With a quarter century of experience improving business process and developing new products, he understands the keys to successful product launches.  Orlin has consulted for many of the nations top corporations including: Intel, Boeing, Roche, P&G and Lilly.  His consulting has focused on implementing project management systems to improve both time to market and increase project completion predictability.  Assessing the product development system in these excellent companies, Orlin has deep insight into how products are developed and what motivates people to perform within these systems.


After 14 years working in the corporate world, Orlin turned to the world of startups.  Orlin worked on the management team of a solar startup bringing order to chaos and energy of the exceptional team.  He learned firsthand how ambitious goals can both put "wind in the sails" and "crush you into the rocks".  Seeing the product succeed technically and then be crushed as investors lost their desire to move forward, important lessons were learned about the need for transparency in the realities of product development.


Orlin moved on continuing his passion for entrepreneurial pursuits by starting a Business Consulting practice with Transcend Management.  He helped a range of different businesses and entrepreneurs improve and grow their business.  He volunteered with Entrepreneur Launch Pad (ELP) and help develop curriculum for getting through the early stages of product market research and business model development.  He guided a technology company in getting a prototype design installed at multiple customer sites.  He provided assessments to multiple businesses looking to make improvements to profitability.  He helped a product development company grow 300% in a year, implementing a culture that attracted both employees and customers.


Orlin founded Transcend Innovations to continue his passion for helping bring new products to life.  Transcend Innovations is an innovation company, an employment engine and an entrepreneur springboard all tied together.  Transcend Innovations core is in building products around computer chips, custom printed circuit boards and the software (firmware) that enable those devices.  Orlin's experience in product development, project management and business model innovation make him to right person to guide Transcend Innovations to a successful future.

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