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Cindy Mason, Founder

Cindy Mason is a computer scientist.  She has been a technical observer at The United Nations Conference on Disarmament ad hoc Group of Scientific Experts (GSE), served on the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault, and participated in the Office of Science and Technology Policy Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence.   Her  work on Distributed Artificial Intelligence at NASA, UC Berkeley and Stanford along with studies in human sciences from the US,  Japan and China inspire innovations in artificial intelligence, such as creating the first AI programming language with emotion and the concept of artificial compassionate intelligence.  She was a key researcher on mind-body medicine for the New York Times bestseller How to Create A Mind and is in the Computer History Museum for starting a computer science department in Alice Springs, the center of the 3 Australian deserts (now part of Charles Darwin University).   



Prior to founding she worked with patients, families and medical staff in the Stanford community, Hospitals and Clinics.  She is a former fellow at the Stanford School of Medicine, the National Research Council and serves as co-chair of Technology and Philosophy jointly at U.C Berkeley and the University of Helsinki.  Her BS in computer science is from Purdue University and her Ph.D. in Computer Science is from a special interdisciplinary program through University of California Davis  Dept. of Applied Science and the U.C. Berkeley EECS Dept.  supervised through Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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