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Ayin Vala, M.S., M.A.

Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist, Foundation for Precision Medicine
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Ayin is the Chief Data Scientist at the nonprofit organization Foundation for Precision Medicine. His research and development team works on statistical analysis and machine learning, pharmacogenetics, molecular medicine, and sciences relevant to the advancement of medicine and healthcare delivery. On this effort, he started partnerships with Stanford University, Mayo Clinic, Yale School of Medicine, and Google. He is also the Co-founder and Chief Data Science Officer at VastBiome, an early stage biotechnology startup transforming cancer therapy through the microbiome.


Ayin is the leading inventor of several awards and patents in machine learning in Healthcare, Biotechnology, and Aerospace industry.He was previously a researcher and active resident at the Big Data Systems Laboratory at Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and at the Launch Laboratory and Innovation Laboratory at Harvard Business School. He holds a Masters degree in Information Management Systems from Harvard University and resides in Silicon Valley.

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